Perfect Timing

For everyone that has told you, or for every post you might have seen that implies that the “housing market is changing”, that is old news. It has changed. In our opinion, the change results in more opportunity than we have seen in years. Let’s paint the picture explaining how we came to this conclusion.  […]

Filter Out The Noise

If you don’t sell your home now, you may never be able to! We are in a housing bubble, but it’s not popping? Buyer’s interest rates are 10%+, did you hear? Sellers are panic accepting offers that are 20-50k below list price! If I had a dollar for every time I heard one of these […]

The Truth About Interest Rates

“The Fed raised the basis points again, so this means that interest rates have gone up.” This is not always the case! Right now, more than ever, it is crucial for prospective buyers and sellers to be in the know regarding rates and how they fluctuate. Even the smallest mortgage rate decreases results in more […]

The Shift

The Shift Everyone is using this phrase. To be honest, to a realtor’s ears, this is sweet music. Thankfully, throughout COVID’s reign and massive impact on the housing market, I have been able to adapt my business in such a way that has catered to sellers and purchasers. My sellers have made a killing on […]

Convince Me To Move

Do you believe that most people are inclined to enter the real estate market based solely on a capitalist venture? Or that life circumstances that call for relocation are the drive to move? The correct answer is, a little bit of both. The trick to investing, in any form, is to sell high, buy low. […]

All Lenders Are The Same?

Every lender that follows me on any form of social media will read this one! As you can imagine, the headline of this article needs to be proven wrong. Badly. The vast majority of purchasers will secure financing for their home sale. There are thousands of different mortgage companies out there that will advertise low […]

Does It Really Matter Who Lists My House?

Many large companies are crutching to this phrase in either a positive or negative connotation. “Anyone with a pulse can list a home, you just have to take some photos and write a description”. These things are not wrong, but there is so much more that goes into properly marketing a home, in which the […]

We’re About to Lose a Record Amount of Realtors…

For everyone in my industry that will read this, that is kind of an intimidating title, right? For anyone who has seen their social media explode over the past 3 years with their friend’s list outlining that their calling has led them into part time real estate to serve their friends and family, maybe you […]

Preparing for the Housing Crash

How many times have you heard this phrase? How many times have you heard that America is in a housing bubble, or that the “market shift is just around the corner.” Even better, how many real estate agents post about how “waiting to purchase your next home could cost you.”? How much truth is there […]

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