Many large companies are crutching to this phrase in either a positive or negative connotation. “Anyone with a pulse can list a home, you just have to take some photos and write a description”. These things are not wrong, but there is so much more that goes into properly marketing a home, in which the end result is a satisfied seller with little to no money left on the table. Working with an experienced realtor (this does not always mean the one with the most years of experience…) can and will result in the best net outcome to a seller. Here is why:

Is there any reason to give the scenario much thought, using a realtor that has been in the industry for 20 years as opposed to 2 years? Seems like a no brainer. Some sellers that I meet with are very up front in their transparent message that they are interviewing other brokerages/realtors for their home sale. We are in the day and age of second opinions, so I think that mindset is great. Honestly, some of my best referrals and reviews have come from sellers who interviewed 10+ people before they landed on me. Not only did you win their trust initially, but once you blow their expectations out of the water, look out. You won’t be able to handle the referral business coming your way. Back to the point. There are going to be some agents you interview that have been in business for decades, and their work reflects excellence. Others may be susceptible to antiquated techniques that won’t reap benefits in today’s climate. Whereas, some younger agents can be dangerously ambitious with empty promises, but on the other hand: we have a generation of younger agents that are hungry. Hungry to support their community, provide well for their families, and grind to get the job done. If you are hesitant to work with an agent new to the business, make sure their support system – be it a mentor or brokerage – meets the criteria you are looking for. Do your due diligence. This is a big topic.

Selling real estate is an artform. I’m not talking about opening doors to show a home, that’s easy. Let’s be honest. A charismatic demeanor can only get you so far. When you, as a seller, invite an agent into your home for a listing appointment, pay attention to the amount of time they spent on their comps/homework. I can’t give away all of my secrets here, but I can dare to say that very few put in the time/effort that I put into my listing appointments. I want the seller(s) to be overwhelmed with information, not feeling in the dark about any part of our working relationship. It’s way more than just that initial meeting.

Photos are a hot topic. It drives me crazy when a property listed at 200k or 1M has been photographed by what appears to be an iPhone 3G. In my opinion, your quality of photos should not match the quality of your listing. The photos should reflect the highlight characteristics of the home and the quality of your BUSINESS. Boast in your excellence. We are in a day and age where listing agents are not putting much effort into listings. Cheap photos, maybe a sign in the yard, minimalistic MLS description, and the listing is good to go. Excellence starts when no one else is looking. In a climate where others are cutting corners, stand out. This outlook has helped my business reach heights that I never knew it could. But the glory is not mine…

End Point: It greatly matters who lists your home. We are told to never mess with someone’s time, finances, or family. In this industry, I have to meddle with all three. If you or someone you know could benefit from the specifics of this article, please share the link with them. My mission is to redefine the standard of excellence that realtors pride themself in. Potential sellers, reach out to me. Agents who may be reading this that want to master listing appointments, reach out to me. I have a solution for you.

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